FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions

What information should be included in the application?

So that we can better assess the applicant's profile, it is essential to send your up-to-date curriculum vitae, complete with the following information: personal information and contact details, professional experience and relevant job descriptions, qualifications and any additional training, and language skills.

You can send your application both in Italian and in English. Depending on the position, sending your application in a certain language might be an absolutely necessary requirement, not just a preference. In this case it will be specified in the advert.

You can complete your application with a cover letter, specifying the position for which you are applying and your general preferences in relation to searching for a new job. You can attach any documentation relating to your studies and professional experience (study diplomas, employment certificates, language certificates).

What kind of job opportunities does Sidler SA offer?

Sidler SA offers employment opportunities that involve direct hiring by the client company, normally for an indefinite period, regulated by the Swiss Code of Obligations or the Code of Obligations of the Country. During the negotiations between the applicant and client, Sidler SA will be available to provide full assistance with the employment contract and the conditions of employment. The bureaucratic and administrative management of the employment relationship (e.g. communication with public bodies, salary, insurance and social security contributions), on the other hand, will be the responsibility of the client, the future employer.

How will the application be treated?

As previously stated, it is important to underline that no applications will be submitted to client companies without applicant's consent. Upon receiving the application, Sidler SA consultants will proceed to evaluate it on the basis of the information provided and in relation to requests put forward by the client companies. If a profile matches the requirements, the applicant will be contacted by the Recruiter.

Are there any expenses for the applicant?

There is no cost for the applicant; the service offered to the applicant is solely and exclusively professional consultation.

Maximum transparency and mutual reliability are necessary to establish a fruitful collaboration. It would be appreciated if applicants could update their application regularly, especially during changes of their professional status (roles and tasks, salary, training, etc.).

How to apply / How to submit an application?

The applicant can submit an application by responding directly to the email address in the advert or by submitting an unsolicited application by email to sidler@sidler-sa.ch

Where are the job opportunities offered by Sidler SA published?

The employment opportunities offered by Sidler SA are published in the Job Offers section and can also be found on major dedicated search engines.