Application procedure

You are invited to send your application and CV in English (or Italian as well).

If deemed useful, you can also include any certificates relating to your studies or work experience.

Sidler Recruiters and Consultants proceed with the evaluation of the application and CV, on the basis of the information provided and in relation to the requirements requested by our clients. If we find someone who meets the requirements, the applicant is contacted by the consultant responsible for the position in order to arrange an initial introductory meeting, during which we evaluate any further job offers and the most appropriate way to proceed.

Once the application has been submitted to our clients, you are guaranteed to receive feedback on it; you will be supported throughout the whole selection process and, hopefully, when you get the job and finally join the Company.

You can send your application for a specific position by applying to an advert in the OPEN POSITIONS section or submit an unsolicited application by filling out the form provided in the UNSOLICITED APPLICATIONS section.

Our consultants will contact you if the CV sent matches any open positions.