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Corso Pestalozzi 11
CH-6900 Lugano

Telefono: +41 91 923 66 23

By Train
  • When arriving at Lugano station, you'll find the funicular railway just beyond the tracks, which you can take down to Lugano city centre.
  • Once reached the bottom, continue straight ahead, keeping to the left.
  • In few mts you will come to a square with the porphyry/cobbles on the ground.
  • Cross it diagonally, keeping to the left, and continue on the pavement, still keeping to the left.
  • You'll reach the level of a large central bus shelter. Cross and follow it lengthwise.
  • At the end (you should find a set of traffic lights), you will see the Hotel Zurich, a pink two-storey building, in front of you.
  • We are in the same building of the hotel, but our entrance is just round the back.
  • Looking at the entrance of the hotel, we suggest you to turn to the left side of the building, so that when you get round the back, the first door you'll come to (a glass automatic door) will be the one that leads to our offices
  • We are on the second floor.
  • The crossing from the station to our offices takes about 10 minutes.
By Car
  • From the Lugano Sud motorway exit, stay in the left lane.
  • At the first set of traffic lights (downhill), turn LEFT towards the STATION.
  • From there, KEEP STRAIGHT ON - the road continues uphill until you reach a ROUNDABOUT.
  • Here you will find the station to your left; at the roundabout, take the first exit and continue downhill.
  • Stay in the RIGHT lane; at the traffic lights, keep to the RIGHT and continue straight downhill, still KEEPING TO THE RIGHT, until you get to a BIG BEND with a "U" turn on the right.
  • Here, continue downhill (towards the City Centre), until you reach the first set of traffic lights, and go straight ahead.
  • You'll come to a second set of traffic lights straight afterwards; keep to the left here (at this second set of traffic lights, make sure the BUS SHELTER is on your right, while the HOTEL ZURICH - a pink two-storey building with large plants in front - is on your LEFT. OUR OFFICES are in the same building, round the back).
  • 100 meters after this set of traffic lights, still on YOUR LEFT, you will find the entrance to the Balestra car park, where we recommend you to leave your car, since it is just a short walk from our offices.