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Aware that the competition increasingly comes down to intangible assets, all Sidler SA Recruiters and Head Hunters are able to offer the most qualified expertise in the Human Capital field, Recruiting Services and Talent Acquisition.

They stand out for their strong interpersonal relationship skills, complemented by sensitivity and understanding towards the client, company, and/or applicant. To top it off, they have extensive knowledge of the European Area, the business and the economics, technological, infrastructural trends on the labour market.

Sidler Team is ready to offer and provide professional advise in the domain of Complex Organization as well as of Personal and Individual development.

Nicoletta Mazzanti

Nicoletta Mazzanti

Born in Varese in 1978, Nicoletta Mazzanti graduated in Marketing and Public Relations at IULM University in Milan in 2001, with Major in Fashion, Luxury and Design. After two important professional experiences, the first in a Multinational Company in the field of Design & Manufacturing, and the second in a Manufacturing owned Family Business, she joined Sidler SA in 2006 and discovered a huge, deep interest for Recruitment, Head Hunting and Human Capital in general. She is now leading the Company Business with exceptional passion and commitment, strongly believing in the force of Sidler SA Quality Service and Professionalism. Complete the profile perfect command of English, French and German language.

Married and mother of a very young daughter, during her (few!) spare time she loves listening to music, going to concerts and tasting good wine.

Arianna Martino

Dedicated and passionate HR Consultant!
Born in 1987, after a Master's Degree in Law decided to focus on Human Resources, particularly on Personnel Recruitment and Selection. Deeply interested and performative in understanding client needs and in matching appropriate candidates, finding the best talent out there.
Ability to search and recruit proactively, with strong organizational skills.
Specialties: Sourcing Strategies, Client Relationship Management, Exploring Opportunities.
Languages: English and German; Hobbies: hiking

Davide Faiella

Davide Faiella

Davide was born in Milan in 1986, he graduated in Economics at Università degli Studi di Milano and he spent 1 year in Lisbon for his Erasmus project.
After 3 years in Poland where he worked in the HR department for multinational companies, he found his sweet spot starting a career in the Head-Hunting sector working for an American company. Davide now brings 4 years of total experience in this specific business, he mainly focused on Engineering and Manufacturing profiles, constantly striving to find the most talented and passionate candidate for his customers. Over the years he also completed several international salary mapping projects for important manufacturing companies.
He speaks Italian and English. Outside the office, Davide keeps pretty busy with his passion for reading, basketball and his aquarium.

Michela Barlocco

Born in 1981, Michela graduated in Psychology with a Master's in Coaching and Human Resource Selection Techniques.
Interested in HR, she has gained experience as a career coach of middle and top management profiles and then specialized in the recruitment and selection in consulting companies.
Expert in active research, analysis of skills and motivations.
In the selection process and in the relations with Clients she prefers an empathic relationship. Languages: Italian mother tongue, English.
In her spare time she is a yoga instructor, passionate about music, animal lover and "on the road" trips to discover nature.

Annalisa Brunazzo

Annalisa Brunazzo

Born in 1989 in Como, Annalisa graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Cultures at the University of Milan in 2011, focusing on the Arabic Studies. 

The university opened up a world to her, made up of arts, cultures, traditions and languages, ​​which was totally unknown to her before; a background of experiences she will always bring with her over the years. Once graduated, she spent two years as Italian Teacher for foreign students. 

Then she moved to Bologna, working for different Institutions as Cultural Mediator. 

In 2014 she decided to fulfill her greatest professional desire : to become an HR Consultant.

She enrolled in Human Resources master's degree and after a short internship she was hired as Recruiter Specialist for the Fashion Department of an Italian Recruiting Company. In 2018 she has been involved in the opening of the new Fashion Department of the Company in Milan, training and leading a new team. 

In 2021 she decided to accept a new exciting challenge, joining the Sidler Team, as Recruiting & Consulting Manager for Fashion / Luxury department.

During free time, Annalisa loves spending time with people she loves, doing as many things as possible; she can’t sit still! 

She enjoys reading a lot ; mainly classic novels, but also fashion and international politics magazines.

She loves culture, history, going to the theater and to museums (better if contemporary art). She loves Fashion World, from the classic and very elegant labels to the streetwear.

She definitely loves less sports, but she never misses a pleasant walk in the wood. She loves to do things with commitment, efficiency and dedication.

She loves her job. She never get bored because every day is different ; there is always a new exciting challange to take… and finding the Perfect Match is for her the cherry on Top!